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More PC Upgrades

According to the majority of PC gamers, PC Gaming is the Master Race, console gamers are peasants, and it’s cheaper in the long run for a PC over Console. I must have missed something, I am a multiplatform gamer so here is what I see, in January 2013 I spent a little over £300 for a cheap gaming rig, 14 months later (march 2014) I spent another £550 on a CPU, cooler, fans and Case taking my total well over £1000. For a mediocre gaming rig it’s not that bad. My new issue is I now need another upgrade consisting of a new Motherboard, RAM, PSU and GPU which will cost another £470. Total of £1500 in just over 2 years.

Now looking back I had a PS3 for most of its generation life 5-6 years so far and it’s still going strong. The PS3 cost £350 and that’s lasted all them years. I got a PS4 on release which cost £500 with a few games the shelf life of consoles is 5 years plus yet the shelf life of most PC’s depending on budget is on average 2 years.

The big picture is a console gamer has parity as all consoles are identical, non has a performance boost over the next. The only downside is Internet connection but this is the same issue as PC. There is no parity with PC the differences are numerous from as little as a different motherboard chipset all the way up to a CPU or GPU overclock with water cooling.

I can’t only get at the hardware cost of PC in reality the games will always run better on PC and will also look stunning, well if you spend enough on hardware. As consoles have set hardware it’s up to the game development teams to utilise what it has and as we saw last generation with Uncharted and The Last Of Us late generation they have the games looking great even with low spec hardware.

So I have order my new Motherboard which is a socket 1155 with a H77 chipset for £75. Next payday I’ll be getting my memory 16gb Kingston Hyperx 1600mhz. The following payday a Nvidia GTX 960, if needed I’ll also be getting my PSU probably a Corsair 750w Modular. If the PSU is not needed I’ll be saving that for the month after but I have a feeling I will need it.