CSGO the highs and lows


I have found myself playing more CSGO then anything else the past few months, with only 20+ competitive wins I can’t say it’s been a good ride. From match to match my skill has been inconsistent, I have issues with people playing while on TS rather then using ingame voip so we have been stuck with  poor communication which is a key part to CSGO.

I feel like CSGO is 80% luck and 20% skill, I also think the game in general is more about the skins rather then anything else these days with most players having Trade in there names. YouTube videos have moved away from the skill side and has more Case opening video’s then ever before.

With the addition to the current bloodhound missions this game comes away from the competitive angle and adds missions, this means you get to enjoy game modes and maps you wouldn’t normally play. Comms become a little more interesting while doing missions  you have banter, you start to help everyone try and get the missions complete. Comms in casual usually suck with a dozen players singing songs throughout the game and people generally being trolls not as much as reddit but close. My main issue is with eastern European players and hackers when they speak broken English trolling everyone else it becomes an intensive shit pool of wankers trying to one up on everyone else, you find the trolls start more when they can no longer be kicked so near the end of each game when there is one round remaining.

Valves anti cheat system just doesn’t work and reporting is pointless, I have reported numerous hackers that I have had the misfortune of bumping into, days later doing the same hacker is still boosting there friends to a higher level on competitive or trolling on casual ruining a game for everyone.

Certain games essentially had eastern European servers but they have slowly migrated over to the general European side, I am assuming this has happened in CSGO and we are stuck with players who are either using there poor connections to get on top or cheating to get up in the rankings.

Another issue is smurf accounts made by temporary banned players, global elite players and hackers to either boost friends or stop others from climbing the ladder or in the instance of a temporary banned player bypass the ban for the time they are banned.


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