Payday 2 – It Never Gets Old


Payday 2 is probably the only game I play and think to myself this game never stops giving. The DLC is great and some of it is free,you can jump in and out and depending on your play style it never gets old.
Last night me and a buddy jumped on and did a couple of loud missions we hadn’t done before and it was fun, the essence of what every game should be. This game has the perfect mix in its DLC new missions weapons and mask, the three main things in Payday 2.
Whether you want to try and stealth a mission or just go in like a crazy person it makes no difference, you will have fun trying to do it.
With the exception of the Western DLC all of the others have lived up to the micro price. The best thing is you don’t need the DLC to play it as long as one of you has it you can all enjoy. Big thumbs up to Overkill, let’s hope The Walking Dead game they are working on is as good as Payday 2


Rust – The New Evil


So I haven’t been on Rust for a few days and decided to go on and finish my Base upgrade. Unfortunately someone else had a better idea. They broke into my Base authorised themselves and filled every inch with stone half blocks, meaning the Base should have been useless. Fortunately I came on at the right time and receive enough help to fix the bottom floor of my Base meaning I could finally live in it again. Next job is too rescue the second floor and the third and then start the upgrade process. I would say it’s enjoyable but 3 hours just to clear the ground floor isn’t a survival experience. This game is becoming what DayZ turned into, a survival game turned into a Kill on site mess whith hackers doing as they please. You still see the VAC ban warnings popping up but you know hackers are still around.

The new evil is the Base block technique, which means bases are raided just to break and authorised so they can build around it meaning they gain the majority hold on the map area.


E3 2015 – My Break down [Bethesda]




I was going to write this after I had watched all of the Conferences, but I have little time with work being a problem currently. I decided to write what I can when I can.


The first game they showed was the New Doom a complete overhaul of the game that started my love for the the FPS genre. It’s reinvented the good old gib and I love it, they have added finishing moves which is indicated by a external glow around a enemy you have damaged. The great thing about it is the finishing move is its dependant on where you are looking, you aim at the feet and you can swipe the legs or blow the legs off, aim at the head and you snap the enemies neck or blow it off. The violence in this game is truly on a level of its own. When changing the guns the game goes into slow motion as you select the weapon you want from the selection wheel and they have added the good old chainsaw and at the end of the video you see the good old BFG come into play. The solo video starts off in a Mars UAC facility which was infested with the daemons from hell. Most of them are all from the original game but they look so bad ass.

Multi player looks fun its like the original unreal tournament style of multiplayer with power ups, unlocks, weapons etc being placed throughout the map and by the look of the video one of the power ups lets you play as the enemies too.

The best thing about New Doom is the Snapmap which is multi platform so you make a map on the PS4 and it can be played on PC or XB1. It’s as simple as the name you snap a map together can choose the mode which can literally be anything you want. You place objects and items through out its a map builder at your fingertips.

The second game they showed was from a new studio, unfortunately it just didn’t appeal to me it was called Battlecry from Battlecry Studios and uses the Cry-engine. It looked a lot like Team fortress style team based combat game. The characters are a mix of modern day yet historic so samurai with steam punkesk weapons with a mass if classes like a Brawler, Enforcer, Infiltrator, Ranger and Gadgeteer all with there own abilities and fighting style.

The next game they showed is from a series I like, Dishonored 2,¬†this time around you can choose from either a Heroine or Hero each with there own unique talents, weapons and abilities. You have arcane powers inculding a grappling hook to help you get around. Its set in the same locations as the original the Empire Of Isles in a steam punk era. You can play the whole game in stealth or 100% combat the style you play is up to you. There was no gameplay but going off the trailer any fan of the original will love the sequel. They also have the Dishonored Definitive Edition for those who didn’t play the original or just want to try it in next gen, it come with all the DLC which was released.

Next was a short breif on The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited, it was released before E3 around the 10th of June. It basically showed New DLC will be coming through 2015. As a game ESO was not for me, I hate subscription games¬†you bought the base game and then paid to play the game and if you could only get online once a week it was 4 few hour sessions for a ¬£15 fee a month. Now the game has¬†removed monthly¬†fees it has been added to my shopping cart a few times but I just don’t think I will have the time to play it.

There has been an influx in Strategy card games lately, it seems with the runaway success of Hearthstone everyone is trying there hand at it.There was even one put into Witcher 3 called gwent and jokingly players are saying witcher 3 was added to gwent as its was that enjoyable. Bethesda have there own in the making called Elder Scrolls Legends, it  will be free to play and on PC and iOS but there was no real information given just a trailer.

Finally the game we have all been waiting for Fallout 4, they started of straight into character creation and with the unique sculpting you choose what your player looks like along with sex and race. Its starts off in Boston before the nuke you see all the classics from Fallout 3 Nuka Cola, Sugar Bombs etc with Vault tec going door to door and this is the point you select your attributes for your character. After the nuke you submerge the soul survivor of vault 111 and enter the Boston ruins. You even have your Codsworth robot, there is dynamic dialogue through the game and V.A.C as in Fallout 3, the graphics for this game and the lighting is amazing they but the effort in to make each button, light on in game console/terminals blink to its own unique pattern. You get a dog which is command able with everything from fetch to attack. This time the game has gone total survival with base building, this is one thing I thought would have been amazing in Fallout 3. There is finally a use for all the trash items you collect as you play, they are used in both building and in crafting. There is hundreds of craftable mods for weapons and your power suit. You defend your settlements¬†with turrets and travellers who come to trade there against raid parties coming they have literally thought of everything. There is also little extras like PiP boy games and the interactivity with the PiP Boy isn’t as ominous as the previous with the players hands being animated for that extra detail.

As if Fallout 4 wasn’t the icing on the cake they then brought out Fallout Shelter a mobile game which makes you the overseer of your unique vault. You build rooms gain people from the outside and send people off to explorer. Its¬†in the style of the base building from Xcom and looks like it could be a winner its F2P but there is a microtransaaction but it wont effect the game you buy lunch boxes with mods and drops in but its is totally optional. It was released in the day of the conference but is currently only available on iOS but will be coming to android in the future.

From the Conference I am even more excited for Fallout 4 also Doom and Dishonored 2 are now on my radar too. I think Bethesda have hit a homerun with there first E3 show. Lets hope next time has as much as this one.


E3 2015 – My thoughts Still In Working

With the main briefings/conferences over I have started to watch them as and when I can. I will be writing a short piece on my views of new games etc when I can. I have managed to watch only 1 fully (Bethesda) and a little of another (Microsoft) and with the length of each I hope to have something done by the weekend.


CSGO – My First Knife


So last night I jumped on CSGO to do a Bloodhound Mission, I haven’t played much CSGO over the last few days. After a few games of casual I was struggling to get into the game, I decided just to try my luck on the Mission anyway. The Mission was to win 8 rounds on Mirage, We lost but only by 1 point and it was a great competitive match with great comms throughout and smart plays on both teams. After the match I won a Breakout case which gave me 5 mixed cases in total, as it was pay day I put ¬£10 into steam and tried my Luck. I had the best luck ever with 4 of the 5 being great weapons and I actually dropped my first knife.

The knife I got was a Flip Knife Doppler – Factory new and worth around ¬£100 (If I would ever sell it). I still cant believe my luck, I didn’t think I would drop a knife was hoping for maybe a Red but never a Knife.



She’s a beauty, I’m thinking about buying a name tag for her but not sure I want mess with it too much.

Games, General

GTA V Online – Racism and Kids


While play GTA V Online yesterday I heard a small child in my ear, he must have been no older then 10 and was screaming Nigger among other profanities. I couldn’t believe it when I heard a woman’s voice in the background telling him his dinner was ready and he was still swearing like a drunk Geordie on a night out. This wasn’t the only person I could hear but they all kept using the same profanities.

As a thirty year old gamer who has played games for most of my life I DO tend to use bad language but I don’t recall using the word Nigger while cussing online. I see the word as being the most racist word in the world. But I also believe that everyone should stop using it, you mostly hear it from the street kids these days trying to be like rappers not understanding that the groups like the NWA were still fighting against racism rather then the current minority of racists. I can see racism being gone in the not so distant future just like homophobia, people are growing to just not care about people’s religion, skin colour or sexual orientation.

I just can’t grasp why a parent would buy there child a 18 rated game to play, I play the games so I know what to expect, I feel they think games are not as realistic as they are and there’s always the same comment I also hear from my younger family members “my mate has it”. To me that is not a reason to buy a 18 rated game for anyone under the required age.

I’m not using GTA V as a reason for the kids using bad language I’m using it as a reference for why young kids are using that kind of language. It’s the parents who buy the 18 rated games for people under 18 that’s the issue. You see on most online articles, a 18 rated game¬† made a 12 year old do something, when in all reasoning it’s the fact a young child who’s mind is still developing thinks things from the game are normal everyday occurrences rather then a work of fiction. The parents are to blame using video games as baby sitters to make life easier. Maybe if the parents got held responsible for the child’s actions they would maybe stop buying them games over there age range and start communicating more.


Call Of Duty – Is it Still S#&T


I have a small passion for all the CoD games, although most of them are very repetitive they are still better then most new FPS games that come too the market. Last night a friend called to see what I was doing, we decided to jumped on Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare. About 4 games in and we were getting absolutely wrecked by the other team. I was literally shooting full magazines into people’s backs and they just spun around and killed me instantly. I thought most of the guns and there mods didn’t make that much of a difference in AW. I can only assume I am wrong, after a couple of hours my mate went out so I jumped on the Campaign. One thing that instantly caught my eye the ability to start on the hardest difficulty, this isn’t so in many games, you have to complete it first before the game unlocks the harder mode. Anyway I was expecting it to be extremely hard on Veteran and although it was a little difficult I still managed to run through a few missions. The story (as far as I got) seemed to keep on track and was enjoyable (well as enjoyable as death and destruction can be) I’ll definitely continue where I left of next time I’m on my PS4.

After I finished I noticed Exo Zombies on the menu so went to jump in, unfortunately it required DLC, this shouldn’t be an option if you don’t have the DLC IMO. You can literally get almost loaded into the game before it decides to inform you DLC is required. The last few CoD games I never actually started the Campaign, after playing this campaign I’m considering jumping back to Ghosts or Black Ops 2 to see what there campaigns are like. Although I prefer the Likes Of Battlefield over CoD, with the exception of Hardlines which should have been DLC like Battlefield Vietnam. I still refer to them as being shit and AW is no different from the rest but it does try something new with the Exo Suits so it’s less shit then it’s counterparts.