Witcher 3 WTF


With my upgraded GPU I was lucky enough to receive the Witcher 3, with the so called graphic issues plaguing  the Internet media and me having little time to play I couldn’t see the issue.

I finally got around to playing it this weekend and still don’t see any issue, except for the fact the game controls are very over complicated and the first 3 or 4 group of monsters or animals you bump into are well above my level.

It’s obviously a game you have to spend an insane amount of time getting used to the controls and have the levels required to battle anything. I’m only a little in and doing my first Witcher contract, I know games like this are time consuming but for me it’s a struggle to get used to the controls.

I will continue to play next week and hope to get the controls and gameplay memorised. I hope once I’m into the game it will become more enjoyable.


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