Rust – Better Or Worse?


Its been some time since I last played Rust and the latest update has teased me back into trying it again.

Within 2 mins of spawning I froze to death, another 15 minutes of looking for food and I got shot, this is the trend I remember for the last time I played. It’s another survival game which everyone just Kills on sight meaning you spend a good few spawns before you actually start getting anywhere.

After 2 hours of the same thing over and over I soon found myself spawning next to a stream with a few houses and animals galore. This is where I spent another two hours making my Base, the new UI makes Base building a easy task, the guys around here talk and help each other I even got offered a key to someone’s Base. This is more like what survival should be like, hunting and gathering is easy when your not running for your life.

Unfortunately hours after starting this post the area I thought was safe was over run with more enemies then friends and my base I spent hours building and filling is now gone with all of my resources. What this game needs is AI for these kill on sight guys to go after rather then every new spawn or player that is just trying to survive.

If you played Rust earlier and enjoyed it then I guarantee you will love the latest update. There is still flaws in the game but these can be over looked if you find the right people and places on a server. You will die and you will lose hours/days of work, its a survival game you have to not grow attached to anything.


5 thoughts on “Rust – Better Or Worse?

      • Ex-ample says:

        Ah man it should be fine. If those kids want to break in such a base. Probably soon they will realase that is not worthy lol. Thankfully C4 is very hard to fine the blueprints. I like how you put the word in the article. I temp to do the same everytimr i log off the game. there is a choice i need to make that i must not get attached to the base or items cause base can get raided anytime. Many times i ask myself what is the point of the game. Its a good structure but not much purpose in the game. One thing i enjoy for sure is a followship with friend I made or a nice neighbours 🙂

      • Ex-ample says:

        Nice trick 😉 i am curious about my base as well. Going back to england this friday. Probably gonna try to log in and chrck it out. Hopefully my new place has wifi.
        You should leave the sigh in the base something like Nice try kids

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