Lego Games – Actual Family Fun


I’m a big kid at heart and me and my son spend a few hours a week playing Lego Games. While playing Lego Marvel Superheroes I thought to myself the game is actually enjoyable for both of us, to be totally honest there has been a few times I have been bored and jumped on for an hour alone. The games are well put together, not too challenging and take from the franchises they are for very well. There is some adult humour slipped in like in Shrek and a few other kids films. There are some challenges I can’t see my son doing alone, but the feeling I think we both get when he asks me to help and we complete a challenge is fantastic.

Today we finally unlocked Deadpool and the only character left to unlock is the legend Stan Lee. Unfortunately that means the game is all but finished a few missions need 100% complete. Now we have to start on our next Lego adventure (Lego Batman 3), I’m kind of hoping Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 is in the works but only time will tell.


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