Rust – Continuing On


Well I’ve been trying to get into Rust and as I said a few posts ago it’s got its problems. I logged out for the night and returned to an empty Base, I mean empty, they even took the clothes off my back. I was left with nothing, my bed had been destroyed and I had no resources. I was fortunate to still have my hidden key to get back into my Base, they had taken my old key, hours of searching and I had enough to make tools and repairs to my Base. I got some clothes and managed to fix my Base so It was a little safe. Again bad luck struck a group on the server known as the AK death squad came knocking, again I lost most of my stuff. Fortunately I found a  comrade who also lost his Base, he helped me get my Base going again and safely we have a more secure Base. We have some resources, we decided the best thing to do is to craft what we need while we loot. And hope not to get raided again.

I’m going to give Rust a little more time before writing it off totally, I have had to rebuild my Base twice in a day. This is a survival game and the server is owned by the person with the most guns. I know you shouldn’t get too upset with these kinds of games, but hours/days of work lost in minutes isn’t fun. If it doesn’t change I’ll probably come back to it in the future but as it stands now this game isn’t worth the time. I often say don’t get attached to loot and items in games like this but it’s hard when hours at a time you lose it all.


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