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GTA V Online – Racism and Kids


While play GTA V Online yesterday I heard a small child in my ear, he must have been no older then 10 and was screaming Nigger among other profanities. I couldn’t believe it when I heard a woman’s voice in the background telling him his dinner was ready and he was still swearing like a drunk Geordie on a night out. This wasn’t the only person I could hear but they all kept using the same profanities.

As a thirty year old gamer who has played games for most of my life I DO tend to use bad language but I don’t recall using the word Nigger while cussing online. I see the word as being the most racist word in the world. But I also believe that everyone should stop using it, you mostly hear it from the street kids these days trying to be like rappers not understanding that the groups like the NWA were still fighting against racism rather then the current minority of racists. I can see racism being gone in the not so distant future just like homophobia, people are growing to just not care about people’s religion, skin colour or sexual orientation.

I just can’t grasp why a parent would buy there child a 18 rated game to play, I play the games so I know what to expect, I feel they think games are not as realistic as they are and there’s always the same comment I also hear from my younger family members “my mate has it”. To me that is not a reason to buy a 18 rated game for anyone under the required age.

I’m not using GTA V as a reason for the kids using bad language I’m using it as a reference for why young kids are using that kind of language. It’s the parents who buy the 18 rated games for people under 18 that’s the issue. You see on most online articles, a 18 rated game  made a 12 year old do something, when in all reasoning it’s the fact a young child who’s mind is still developing thinks things from the game are normal everyday occurrences rather then a work of fiction. The parents are to blame using video games as baby sitters to make life easier. Maybe if the parents got held responsible for the child’s actions they would maybe stop buying them games over there age range and start communicating more.


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