Payday 2 – It Never Gets Old


Payday 2 is probably the only game I play and think to myself this game never stops giving. The DLC is great and some of it is free,you can jump in and out and depending on your play style it never gets old.
Last night me and a buddy jumped on and did a couple of loud missions we hadn’t done before and it was fun, the essence of what every game should be. This game has the perfect mix in its DLC new missions weapons and mask, the three main things in Payday 2.
Whether you want to try and stealth a mission or just go in like a crazy person it makes no difference, you will have fun trying to do it.
With the exception of the Western DLC all of the others have lived up to the micro price. The best thing is you don’t need the DLC to play it as long as one of you has it you can all enjoy. Big thumbs up to Overkill, let’s hope The Walking Dead game they are working on is as good as Payday 2


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