Ark Survival Evolved – Not For Me


Everyone seems to be playing Ark Survival these days so I thought to myself let’s see what all the fuss is about. After 28 mins of getting killed while trying to set my resolution to 1920 x 1080, which is impossible unless in windowed mode. The problem is windowed mode is more stuttery then forest gump. So failing to set the resolution was my main issue and the game looked like shit at low res. I died twice punching trees for wood and got randomly killed by everyone I bumped into. For a survival game that doesn’t bode well, after 20+ minutes of this constant bullshit and stuttering thanks to Windowed mode I uninstalled it and got a refund from Steam.

Ok firstly I know it’s a early access game but when the basics seem so long drawn out and the simplest task seems to take so long I don’t see the point. Rust which is also early access was fast and fun on release Ark just wasn’t for me. You see streamers having the time of there life with everything they need just minutes into the game. I struggled for 20 mins just to craft a pick which I lost when I got killed. Dinosaurs at my spawn point were all level 20+ so I struggled to kill them meaning I had no food and so I died of hunger. The pros I found in the game was watching the dinosaurs shit and also shitting myself which was about the best part of the game for me. The best thing about it was how fast steam refunded me for the game. The video’s they have on the Store front seem very end game which would take someone like me a year to get anywhere near playing solo.

If this is what you can expect from all upcoming early access games I’m going to start avoiding early access games. Free Alpha and Beta’s are the way forward in my opinion, that way you’re testing a finished item for free rather then paying to help develop the game.  Some early access games are stuck at there worse like DayZ Standalone.


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