Watch_dogs – Am I The Only One Who Didn’t Care


Last year Watch_dogs got bad press as the final game was nowhere near the footage at E3 the previous year. Am I the only person who didn’t and still doesn’t care? The game is fantastic, fun to play and in my opinion a modern day Assassins Creed, minus all the stealth blades etc.

I don’t think the gameplay or game itself was under scrutiny rather the graphic element of it. This brings me to my issue, if Ubisoft had of explained then that “this is what we would like the game to look like” and “this is in engine footage” would it have got any bad press?

During and after E3 this year there has been talk about videos we saw being In Engine or In Game footage, not actual Gameplay. This again doesn’t bother me that much I have been waiting for The Division since I got my PS4 in 2015 and if it looks half as good as the videos I’ll be happy. The issue I see was back at E3 2013 New Generation was new, and so they had to use Dev machines to test the games and not actual consoles. This meant they could never get actual footage, leaving us with what they wanted the game to look like.

Oh and the reason for this post, I started playing Watch_dogs again, I had only played a few hours but non of the Campaign.

Maybe someone should make a video referring to the differences in footage and what the tiles for each means.


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