Rust – Back For A Week


I have been playing CS:GO the past few weeks most nights trying to complete Bloodhound Missions and get my rank up a little. Unfortunately I have been doing bad at both, I took a break from Rust and two updates later I’m starting again on a server that will be wiped in a few days. If your wondering if it’s worth doing it is, most people have left until after the wipe, sour as it means you lose everything but your crafting skills. I joined my companion from the last server as the new one has a better ping and is less populated then the last. We haven’t met up yet as we are both collecting and learning Blueprints ready for the wipe. I haven’t played for a few weeks but it’s still as good as ever. I have a small shack with the equipment I need to loot and stay alive. The one thing I thought I was missing was rocks, but last night I found when following a road, I got lead to a lot of rock spawns and after every day cycle they would respawn in the same area.

Looks like I will have a good time for the next few days unless CS:GO pulls me in again.


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