New Mouse – Better Gaming?


When I first bought my cheap rig a few years ago the last thing on my mind was a mouse. After a year of using a Logitech M100 I decided to grab a gaming mouse as my usage for my PC had gone more in the direction of gaming over anything else. I went for a Corsair M40 mainly because of reviews saying it was a plastic version of the more expensive M65. From day one my gaming went south and my aim was never right always off and it was taking me hours to get my aim right almost everyday. I never blamed the mouse until I finally tried to set my sensitivity in CSGO each day it would be out, each day I would have to adjust my DPI to max then minimum using the built in DPI changing buttons. After months of this I tried a DPI app which tells you what your DPI is just moving a cursor across the screen it was never the same. I was getting so frustrated I finally started to search for a new gaming mouse. My issue now was after spending so much on the M40 how could I trust another gaming mouse. I searched high and low for the best rated mouse searching through reviews, most so old some mice were no longer available. I found a trend in one specific mouse the Razer Deathadder mainly positive but some minor gripes mixed in. I took the plunge and have never looked back. I  feel the mouse is consistent which is great in comparisons to my last, my aim in my opinion has become better and my overall gaming has started to progress. I would highly recommend the Razer Deathadder as after using it for only a short amount of time I feel it’s the best mouse I have used. I can’t say it’s the best gaming device you can buy as I haven’t tested then all but to me this one truly is a gaming device. I may have got a faulty M40 and won’t write Corsair off for good just yet, I still have a Corsair K30 Keyboard but to me Razer seem to have it right.


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