CS:GO – It’s All About The Skins


OK my title may seem a little over the top, but since the skin update for Counter Strike Global Offensive sales of the game have soared. Other games are following suit, I’m sure league started with the skins but CoD Advanced Warfare has also added purchasable supply drops along with the Battlefield series. Unlike the others CSGO doesn’t add anything to the game, where as the supply drops give you clothing and guns in CoDAW and Mods and Clothes in Battlefield. CSGO cases just add a different look to your guns.

To be honest I’m probably one of them idiots out there who buys keys monthly to try and get some skins which are worth more then 4p. Unfortunately I have spent more then I have won but I suppose that’s the gamble. I have seen people open a knife on there third case opening I got mine over £100 in.

The problem is you jump on YouTube and most of the videos are now case openings and it’s not just FPS games you can buy card packs for Fifa, Dirty Bomb and Hearthstone so you can watch people open there items. I haven’t made any case opening videos and I probably won’t, there are videos out there showing people how to actually start CSGO rather then just opening cases.


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