Finally Got My A40’s


For years now I have gamed on my PC using cheap headsets. Logitech over the ear headset with mic among other cheap alternatives. I could have used my Sharkoons which I used on my PS3 and PS4 but that would me unplugging it all and to be honest I have always wanted some Astro A40’s.

I have been  saving over the past few months for a new SSD and I finally got one for my OS before upgrading to Windows 10, unfortunately at only 500gb it wasn’t gonna cut it with my collection of games. I decided to use a little more saved cash and get a 1TB SSD which I thought would be big enough for my games. I was wrong and a 1.3TB would have been better, I removed a few unplayed games which got me down to 930GB. When I was buying the SSD an advert popped up with 20% off Astro’s and who can resist a bargain lol.

Anyway I have had them sitting in there box for a week and on Sunday night I finally had a little time to my self and got them setup.

Although I have only used them Sunday, Monday and yesterday night I can say the sound quality is great, although I still think my Sharkoons have better sound quality. They are a lot more comfortable then my Sharkoons though and the Mix Amp Pro takes all the strain out of setting up Voice over game sound and with the volume control it’s a joy to use.


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