Blacklight Retribution – Where Is My Stuff


When Blacklight Retribution was first released on the PC I was a huge fan due to my love of FPS games. I soon started throwing money at it on a monthly basis. I never actually got any better at the game but I still enjoyed playing. Back then it was ran by Zombie Studios but they closed up early 2015 and reopened as Hardsuit Labs. I at this time played this game maybe once every few months but still liked it. The new devs decided to implement parity over all of its versions meaning the clean PC UI was changed to the ugly and dull Console version, the premade weapons have been removed and along with all this most of my inventory including stuff that was so rare I will never be able to get again.

I have attempted to contact the Dev numerous times but have still not got my items back. The one I miss the most is my Troll Face Emote and My Helmet with a Skull and Crossbones on I think it was called the Jolly Rodger. Out of it all the thing that gets to me the most is items I bought with Zen got refunded for ingame, credit which was nowhere near the value of the items I lost. not including my Rare Helmets and emotes which I traded for PayPal Cash and steam cards.

I will continue to play Blacklight but there will always be a disgruntled hatred towards the Dev old and new.


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