League Of Legends – The Struggle


I don’t play League much on the EU servers but when I do I’m nearly always the worst on my team. Although I’m in the EU I have an NA account too due to me playing a lot with my American friends. My NA account is full of champions and to be honest I can hold my own thanks to the main guy I play with. We have a sixth sense on what each of us is thinking and manage to push or defend when needed. I just can’t seem to find a flow on the EU servers, I win only 1 in 5 matches and even then it’s not a huge win. I can’t blame the guy I play with he’s new so only learning. The saltiness is also overwhelming when it comes to most matches, getting ganked by someone who was fed for the first 20 mins isn’t easy,teammates see this as a deliberate feed rather then what it is. I also see bad calls not only by me but by others, calling a top rush when everyone is on bottom only to bump into the entire opposing team.

I have spent the last three days struggling to find the skills to make a decent build or even attempt to try new champions.
For someone who played less then once a month I shouldn’t feel so bad I’m doing crap but sometimes I can’t help but rage at everyone else for not being able to read my mind.


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