CSGO – VACation


Well last night I was bored of playing Casual and getting nowhere so decided to jump on competitive. I had already been playing like a silver 1 on Casual so chance was I wasn’t going to do great on competitive.

During the warmup I just trolled around with  pistols or shotguns only for a laugh, all of a sudden three kills in a row all Headshots. One I could just see a guy through a gap, then that fateful message appeared *reported*. I thought it was someone else so asked who to which a reply of nice wall hacks and I bet you have aim bot. This is the third time I have managed to be called a hacker, it feels good knowing someone thinks you’re hacking when you’re not, you feel like you have skills (I dont).

Not sure if he did report me but we had an OK match ended in a tie, I was top scorer and did have a few lucky shots I’ll probably add a match link so you can watch it and see what you think.

I will be upset if I do get Vac’d, I played average and against people two levels above me. At the end of the match everyone laughed as I was GN4 and top scorer.


Match Link:



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