Wildstar – Now It’s F2P


So I’m not exactly a MMO fan, I had WoW for 3 months but the subscription seemed ludicrous, I only played once a week. I soon tried Wild Star during Alpha and Beta and a little on and after release but again for the amount I played paying a subscription wasn’t on the cards. I did the big mistake on buying an Archage founder pack and that’s £100+ I will never see again. If you tried Wild Star and thought it’s launch was poor the Archage one was three times worse and to this day I still haven’t wanted to return.

Anyway this week Wild Star goes free to play, you can still pay a sub and get added extras but the game is totally free. Everything will be working around cosmic points system but C. R. E. D. D is still there for those who still want to use it. Microtransactions will be the same as most MMO’s mounts and costumes.

I’ll probably redownload and see if it’s still enjoyable over the next month.


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