CSGO – Why It Can’t Be F2P


So while playing CSGO the other day someone brought up my skins, they tried to use them as an argument for why CSGO should be free 2 play. His argument was he paid for the game and now HAS to pay for skins. Now the skins in game do nothing to improve any of the weapons, they are just eye candy while you play. Now after 15 minutes of everyone explaining why you don’t NEED to buy skins or open cases he tried to turn the argument around saying if it was free 2 play more people would buy and trade skins. This might actually be a good point but more people would not buy skins meaning the free 2 play game would make no money at all. Micro transactions are the main source of income for a free 2 play game but making a game that the majority won’t spend money on means certain doom for it. During the exchange of words a hacker joined and spined his way around the map getting Headshots. What made it worse is he had a $250 knife needless to say we all reported him and left with the argument still not finished.

The final point I want to make is every time a hacker is caught they are banned from official servers. I still think they can play on private servers but that won’t be fun. If the game was free 2 play they would just make a new account and continue to play and cheat. The small price will be a deterrent for them not to buy or cheat.

Therefore CSGO can’t be/go free 2 play.


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