A Week Of MMO’s

I took last week of work with work being so busy and me needing a break. The week before my mate was playing TERA so I downloaded it and gave it a go. This was the start of my MMO week as we played it most of the weekend. So on Tuesday once I dropped my son off at school I decided to jump on Archeage, I paid £100+ for the founder pack and enjoyed the Alpha and Beta. Unfortunately after the one week leeway the founder pack holders had before full release I was unable to join the server to continue with my character and was told just to start a new character on a different server. This wasn’t an option in my opinion so I never really played Archeage again. That said I played for hours on Tuesday collecting items and continuing my quests I had started all them months ago. Later in the day I jumped on TERA with my mate and we continued with our characters, we both started fresh characters on TERA and will only use these together, although we also both started separate characters too for solo play. TERA is a totally different MMO in my opinion and is great fun in a group or solo. You chain combos together in battle which is a lot different from clicking or pressing a bunch of keys to do certain moves/actions. You also have to aim where you want your attacks to go, I enjoy TERA a lot more then Archeage but once I had started on Archeage I became hooked again. I continued with Archeage, farming in the public farms and collecting items around the world to continue trade quests I had started. This took around 2 days so I was growing and collecting until late Thursday night. I had collected enough to do the three trade quests I remembered and had looked up in wiki’s on the Internet. Then it came to creating my first trade pack “level too low” I was confused I had the quest and had collected all the items needed, I tried several times each time with the same message. Keeping in mind I started this game at version 1 and had never played since. That was my problem, update to 1.7 had changed all the trade quests meaning I had spent the last 3 days collecting items I don’t need until trade missions are available. I abandoned the mission and gave up returning to TERA which I had been enjoying for a few hours a day with my buddy. We had amassed a lot of gold which we have put in our Guild bank along with a lot of good items. This game is much easier to pick up and there is a lot less busy work. Quest on most MMO’s normally run the same, do something in an area go back to that area a few times and then move on. Archeage takes it to the extreme and you feel like you are stuck in an area for so much longer then is needed, you also get Elite missions popping up which I think are more for groups rather then solo play. I have just removed the elite missions from my quest log, they are impossible on solo. As I still had my accumulated Labour Points from when I first played Archeage I had around 4k at the start of the week. After a few days of playing though I have now ran out of Labour points almost every time I play. This means the only way to play and keep progressing is to pay the subscription fee. I have now started playing until I run of of labour points and move to a different game. As I have ran out of Patron and refuse to pay for more as I feel I am owed 90 days I don’t regen Labour Points unless playing meaning I play for an hour at most before I have ran out of labour points. On TERA I have actually added credit and bough in game items this game doesn’t feel Pay2Win unlike Archeage.

In conclusion Archeage is a great MMO which is let down by its pay2win or pay2play infrastructure. Trion needs to balance the game to keep the F2P players playing and make the game enjoyable to all. If you pay for Patron you should definitely get a bonus like land ownership and more Labour regen. But F2P players get nothing from this game and soon it will be Patron players only. And to be honest if I was going to pay a subscription I wouldn’t be playing Archeage when WoW has so much more.

Although I haven’t said much about TERA the game is an excellent MMO and there is no need to spend cash to progress. You might spend cash like I have but a few £/$/€ a month is nothing compared to a subscription to other MMO’s.

I feel I won’t return to Archeage very often, the game gives so little in return for your time. Maybe if the Labour Point regen changed so F2P players get some when offline then I might return but as it stands now an hour a day is all I can do before I’m out of labour points. I cam spend that our on any other game and actually get somewhere.


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