Archeage – I Give Up


Last night I got home from work and thought I would play Archeage for an hour. Turns out I only had enough labour points to complete 3 quests (move to and from 3 places) and play for around 20 minutes. A grand total of 30 labour points was acquired in the time I played and was spent in minutes. This game is impossible to play without patron status, you need labour points to complete half of the quests. You gain 5 labour points every 5 minutes and no labour points when offline meaning the 30+ players you see in cities are actually just accumulating labour points while AFK. The servers must be full of non playing players sitting AFK waiting to have enough labour points to do anything. I understand this game needs subscribers to make money, but the free to play gamers literally can’t play this game without hitting a wall. If Patrons/subscribers made double labour then free and with the already additions of housing and ship/sailing that should make it still worth the sub. But the free to play gamers should still make labour points when offline.

I have literally given up on Archeage, I’m now spending money and time on TERA it’s free but fun to play. There is no real pay2win or pay2play wall like most F2P.


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