TERA – My Kind of MMO


So I’m not the biggest fan of MMO’s I subscribed to WoW for about 90 days and played about 7. Paid for 120 days on Wild Star and played about 30. And then one game that I thought had put me off for good Archeage, this game fills me with so much hate it makes me sick. I paid for a Founder pack which was very expensive £120+. I love the Alpha and the Beta no connection issues and was fun to play, unfortunately that was short lived. Before release founder pack players received a 7 day grace period before everyone else. I played most nights for the full week, then came the non Founders. I was unable to connect to the server I had played on for a week and the Dev’s answer was start a new character with hours of waiting for little gameplay I gave up. That was week 2 for me, so my patron status was unused for the free days I got with my Founders Pack. That was it until a few weeks ago when I finally started playing again. Much to my disappointment most quests I had started were in completable I found this out after a week of grinding. To make matters worse I hit a wall with Labour points I had non and received so little I was unable to complete quests without standing around. That was the final straw and I uninstalled the game I will never pay a sub for a game and probably never buy a founder pack for any other games due to the disappointment of Archeage.

I thought that was it for me and MMO’s until I was asked to jump on TERA. It was labeled free 2 play so I thought a sub would be needed but 3+ weeks on and I’m still loving it. I have probably spent around £30+ on it but that was not needed. This game is totally free to play you can do all quests and the only benefit of having elite (Premium) is a few savings and daily drops. I received 3 days of Elite for free and although it was great and added quickness to the game I feel it took away the grind which makes most MMO’s. I can say if you are looking for an actual free 2 play MMO look no further then TERA. I have a Level 50 and Level 30 character and it has been enjoyable leveling then both.

TERA is my flavour of MMO its easy going and fun to play. There is no actual cost although if you are like me and like to reward devs of free 2 play games then little cost. It’s popular and cater for both PVE or PVP, the auction house is fun and you can find some great bargains. Game play is on par with some of the top end MMO’s and playing or guilding with friends is easy.


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