H1Z1 – Battleroyal Yey or Ney


So the Battleroyale game mode has had great success with many games. Arma 3 and H1Z1 have official modes with CSGO and Garry’s mod having unofficial versions. The aim is to find loot and kill everyone and you win by being the last survivor. I had played the Arma 3 version during its early days and i was lucky if I could manage to find any loot let alone kill anyone. Last weekend a friend of mine asked if I wanted to play as a coop team on the H1Z1 version. On the H1Z1 version you can play solo or as a team of 2 or 5. We only had 3 so each time we got filled with others who usually did there own thing.

My first 3 games started bad I was unable to find any loot and was struggling to escape anyone. I soon found my first weapon 3 games in a recurve bow needless to say I lasted about 4 minutes. I had played so little H1Z1 that I wasn’t expecting much pro gaming from myself. Further into my night and a few games in we started doing average finding each other getting well looted but then we all noticed the same thing. The guns are so inaccurate hit markers are non existent, as an example I shot someone twice and the only part of him I could see was his head I saw blood spatter and I thought to myself how isn’t he dead the guy runs out of cover and kills me and my two buddy’s and was on 86hp (after 2 headshots). We noticed this more and more as the night went on shotgun to the back and they kept running we got breathed on too hard and it was game over. I also noticed the sounds causing confusion most of the night foot steps above shot from below.

These are the only two problems I had with the game mode so far but made the night a little less enjoyable. There was a few occasions I shot people with a shotgun from a mile away and got the kill so swings and roundabouts.


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