Payday 2 – OMG Tabula Rasa


After playing for a few days and getting a little bored me and Chuck decided to try for a few achievements. Jokingly Chuck starts a Hoxton Breakout and we brought the required guns for Tabula Rasa.


We thought hey let’s see how hard this is, well it was probably the hardest job we have ever done on Payday 2. Numerous tries got us that little bit closer each time, making each try seen that little bit easier. It was just me Chuck and our two bullet sponge AI. Getting up to day 2 seemed to be the hardest part, pushing the car as far forward as possible and as fast as possible was the best way the further forward the car got the less AI spawned behind meaning it was just a hard crawl the the underground car park. We had to take it in turns at collecting ammo so that we both had a chance at fighting. Numerous times we both got downed and either had to try and get the other up or hope the AI did. Once inside the underground car park we had to search for the computer to hack and lower the bollards, simple and straightforward as we both had each others back. Day 2 was still tough but I felt it was less difficult then Day 1, we used the Security Card glitch which meant twice as many cards and opened the armoury and infirmary first. It was only difficult due to the running between objectives but we totally locked down the main room so only had to watch the balconies.

Now we did get the achievement but the last 15 minutes was a nail biter. I was down to my last down and Chuck was just put put in jail. We had made it all the way up to the last hack it was looking like another failed attempt. Hoxton had just finished the hack and I jumped into the last room to recover the server. The final assault had started and I was stuck, with nowhere to go I stuck to the back of the room and hoped the assault would end. Unfortunately it was the final and everlasting assault, I waited until there was a small break and made my way to you getaway vehicle. On my way I was tagged and down to 1 hit, I dropped the server and waited for my shield to recover. With two sniper waiting with aim at my exit Hall I had to make a mad dash to the infirmary. Barely making it to the infirmary I recovered my health, popped my head out and took out the snipers. I then had to creep back to the server and try and make my way to the exit door. Rushing down I made it to the final door and  setup the drill leaving the AI to take all the damage while I hid in a corner. I had almost no ammo and a 2 minute wait, trying to keep the AI covered and give as much damage as possible once the door was open I finally made it to the escape vehicle and we both got the achievement.


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