Payday 2 – Still A Hit Or Now A Miss


With the constant updates to Payday 2 there isn’t much the game doesn’t have to offer with the randomly generated missions and a good selection of difficulty it can cater for players of all skill levels. I have been away from the game for a few months now but came back with the additions of the safes and drills. I was disappointed that they added another cost to the game although it is up to the individual whether or not to buy drills to open the skin safes. The only positive is you can actually get drills as drops so don’t actually need to spend cash. The main issue I have is you buy the Base game without any dlc and there isn’t much game you add all the DLC which adds to the cost and you have a awesome game. Adding skins is something they do in free to play games like LoL, DOTA and Dirty Bomb to generate revenue.