Trove – The Grind Is Real


So two months ago my son finally became sick of Minecraft and Roblox. Searching for another free to play child friendly game lead me directly to Trove.
Not sure what the game was like I jumped on to make sure it was 5yo friendly and to make sure chat wasnt filled with bad language. Luckily the chat was fine (censored) and the violence isnt too much. Unfortunately I started a class thinking you could just chop and change to any class freely but unfortunately this is not the case.  You only get one class and as Trove is F2P you need to pay to unlock new classes. You can use a referral code and you will get a free class coin (under Mastery Rank 20). You also get one for Mastery rank 3 & 25 so you can get 4 classes for free but would need to buy any more you want.

Only a few days in and my son was enjoying the game and so I started to do what I do on all the games he plays,  I would grind for an hour a night to make sure he had what he needed to do what he wanted freely with the hour a day I let him play. This was going very well and so I bought the Essential Pack which comes with a lot 

  • 10 Class Coins
  • Fire Wings
  • Trovian Supercycle mount
  • S.S. Trovian ship
  • 10x Mount Unlocker
  • Dragon Coin Tome
  • Jade Clover Tome
  • 20,000 Cubits
  • 15 Days of Patron
  • Trove Topper
  • 100 Bombs

    it cost £15 so was a bargain for what you get and supports the game as its F2P. With that pack we managed to unlock 14 characters in total which I think left us with 1 which still needs unlock. 
    While grinding I pursueded a few online friends to join me but that was short lived as the game isn’t really appealing to them.

    The grind has now become more around aiming for certain things I like rather then things my son needs. I have now gathered enough essential resources to start aiming for legendary mounts (Dragons) and upgrading to stellar weapons. My son is happy to unbox the free drops from mobs and having fun smashing the land.