H1z1 King Of The Nil 

So after being away from H1z1 Just Survive for a good part of last year I decided to give KOTK a go. It seemed popular on twitch and its videos were recommended to me a lot on YouTube. I joined a solo game in early December and as a total noob,  forgetting most of the keys I came in at around 130th of 200 which wasn’t too bad considering I haven’t played KOTK before. After several games I can see why this game induces rage among the majority of streamers. I shot people from point blank with a shotgun or unleashed a full mag from an Assault Rifle or AK only to be one shot from thin air or a 1080 inverted backflip. 

It seemed absolutely pants but I am not one to cave in at the first hurdle so continued playing, after joining a buddy for some duo games it soon became apparent that its not just me. My duo partner was also having the same issues, shot through walls was probably the funniest and shooting people in the head with a shotgun lead to nothing. 

Below is just one of my buddy’s clips the person  was wearing a helmet but stood still and got an instant headshot from nothing. 

There was the odd time I would get a lucky shot in but then karma would be waiting for me around the corner. Although I can see there is a small amount of fun in this game the issues I think everyone has outweighs the fun leaving a disgruntled hate towards it. I might come back again but for now I don’t think my keyboard can handle the rage I will release on it when I get shot behind a tree with a bendy bullet. 


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