Warframe – Still as good as it was before. 

So I have been playing Warframe daily for around 200 days and still can’t seem to be bored. People say it’s repetitive and is a constant grind but aren’t all Free2Play games? I have played Warframe since beta and coming back in 2016 was not easy. I remember having several Frames and weapons but upon logging in Selected Excalibur, the Braton MK1 and the Skana which I remember having previously. They were all Rank 0 and the only thing I still had was my Mod’s or at least the majority of them. This didn’t stop me from having fun, I came back as a friend had started playing it and I managed to persuade another to also play again. We played for a week together but the friend who enticed us back decided it was too easy to buy your way through the game rather then grind your way to get your Frame and Weapons. The other that we had enticed was probably having a lot more fun then the two of us as he proceded to advance ahead of is in the few days we did play together. 

Getting through a few mastery ranks and getting my collection of weapons and frames was my main priority at first but I soon started to grind more through the map learning more about how to mod my Warframe and weapons enough to actually defeat the higher level guys and being part of a team rather then playing only for me. 

We have now joined a Clan and I have put as much money into this game as any other triple a title. The main reason for spending real life money was to support the game and also for trading, this game is a grind from the moment you start but collecting Weapons and Warframes is probably as addictive as collecting pokemon on Pokemon Go. 


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