Trove – My Precious!

I was lucky enough to get gifted several shadow rings when I first started playing Trove. After using them and thinking they were all level 5 due to having 5 stars I though I had hit the jackpot. Skip backwards to about 3 weeks ago, I was farming as usual when someone I farm Radiant Shards with asked if I had a spare level 5 shadow ring I said yes and went to the closes trade point. He couldn’t stop laughing as I gave him the ring and he said that’s not a level 5. I was so confused and asked what the stars below the ring were for and he said they should be shadow level but every ring has 5 stars. I asked how you farm rings and from then on started on ringcrafting,  I Maxed it but I have still not seen a level 5 shadow ring.

I currently craft around 25 signet boxes a week which will usually give me 2-3 shadow rings out of them I will get no more then level 2 shadow rings and on only one occasion have I received a level 3 shadow ring. 


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