Triple A and Season Pass’s

As a multi genre gamer I do buy a large number of games with the expectation of playing and completing them after a few weeks. Unfortunately this never happens,  I usually play them for a while then move on to the next or switch to the few free to play games I love. Last year I purchased a few games which soon after seemed a waste of money, not for being bad games but for the amount of DLC to make the game worth the triple A value. The Division, Rainbow 6 Seige and Hitman are the three main titles that come to my mind. The Division was lacking from the start but still fun to play,  then came the DLC, the season pass which I purchased was basically adding thing which should have been already in the game and then more secondary DLC. Rainbow Six Seige was different you buy the season pass and get the characters for free but they can still be purchased with in game cash. The thing is that sort of DLC is usually found in free 2 play titles not triple A titles.  Then there is Hitman I feel like the price is OK but they should price all episodes the same so each one should be £6.99 including Episode 1 I know there is only £4 difference but to me that would be a much better selling point. To me episodal games should be either Free 2 Play for the first episode then little charges for the following episodes. Leading from season to season but being cheap enough to still feel like you are getting your monies worth. 

The likes of GTA V do it right, triple A no DLC just cash boosts which lets face it make no difference to the actual game. The CoD’s and Battlefields go to the  next extreme with the Yearly DLC and then Cash for cases/bags/boxes. You pay £50 for a game then need to spend the next several months buying boosters just to keep up with players that get the lot. Overwatch has cases that unlock skins but you don’t lose any gameplay it’s again one of the better versions of DLC. 

Triple A titles should be the full game including anything small the developer makes for it in the future especially at the £50-£60 price. DLC should be visuals and shouldnt take anything away from the game. If your DLC adds a full new part to the game like the Fallout series that’s when DLC should come at a premium price. That DLC should add hours to the game and not just a little bit of nothing for a weekend. 


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