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With the news of the Pirate Bay case and the court order for UK ISP’s to block use of the site, i can’t stop thinking is Pirate Bay only for Piracy. I can’t remember using the site but I have no doubt in the past I probably have. I used to use torrents a lot in the past not for piracy, although I have probably downloaded unlicensed applications, music and films before, and belive it or not there are sites that use torrents for non illegal stuff freeware like linux OS’s to name but one. Now I read comments from people saying that its a disgrace, I’m not so sure. I do and don’t agree with ISP’s having to stop the site, I think its up to the Music, Game and film companies to protect there products, although on the other hand its up to the ISP’s to stop illegal use of the internet. All this said, with this site going down wont another site just pop up? For every torrent site they take down a new one will just pop up. Also with the decision they are opening the flood gate for more internet censorship, what will they stop next, social media, pornography maybe Wikipedia.

Virgin Media Pirate Bay Message

As a virgin media user I will no longer be able to use the site, and as I have said I don’t use the site anyway, so I will not be affected by any of this. But if i wanted to i could just use OpenDNS and bypass virginmedias DNS.

What do you think, should the ISP’s have been ordered to block TPB, is this internet censorship gone too far and is Pirate Bay only for Pirate’s (Piracy)?

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Don’t Judge a Game By Its Demo

People say “don’t judge a book by its cover” the same goes for demos, I tried the Drive San Francisco Demo when it first came onto PSN and thought to myself, they have killed a classic. I had in my mind that I would never buy the game, as I just didn’t like the demo. Maybe if the demo was more free ride and less only two missions it would have been more enjoyable, and I have the feeling other people felt the same.


I persuaded a friend of mine who’s 360 has just RRoD to get a PS3 as I don’t play on XBL anymore, as I just cant justify the money for playing online a few times a month. Well he got a few games in a bundle as well as a few games I have, in the bundle he got Driver San Francisco and he loves it. Well needless to say day after day of head blagging he decided to bring it to mine so I could have a go. And I was to say the least presently surprised, single player is as fun as Burnout Paradise and even as good as Test Drive Unlimited 1 which is in my eyes one of the best free ride games ever.


As he was out and about on Saturday and most of Sunday he left the game with me, I was enjoying the single player more and more. So on Sunday I had to order it, I hope I get it tomorrow as my fellow OAP’s are setting up an Event which should be good.

 So i come to the conclusion that in the future I won’t judge a game by its demo, as I might miss out on a gem like driverSan Francisco.


Little Ted’s DVD’s – Review & Experience

Around two weeks ago i was searching the internet and found inception on Blu-Ray for £6.20, it was on a site called . Well the site looked a bit iffy to me so i searched around for any reviews i could find, i found a few and they seemed to be all good.

What Hi-Fi Review

Well i decided to order it and today after 14 days i received it. The first thing i noticed was the colour of the case, This is what the website says in its FAQ:


A-YES, The proper name for these cases are Amaray cases.

Now i have a shit load of Blu-Rays and i can tell you the case mine was in is not an Amaray see the images below.

I also noticed the colour of the cases are extremely different, Amaray’s are a light blue the one i received is a dark blue. You might be able to tell the cover isn’t really the best quality, this is stated on the website that the:



Mr & Mrs Smith, Inception

The disk its self although as is stated in the last quote from the site is a FACTORY MADE IMPORT so the images below will show you the difference between them.

Well the above are all the visual aspects which you may find to be a downside of buying a FACTORY MADE IMPORT.

That all said i have tried the movie and it plays on my Playstation 3 in full 1080p/24p which is a good sign and the menu is the same as the UK retail please see this video.

Now i will buy from again, maybe i will get the single disc version next time to see if it comes in a retail Amaray case.

I hope this helps anyone who is thinking of buying from

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Nothing Comes To Plan

After my last post I promised to post a few of my normal quick reviews but I obviously haven’t. Socom, Brink, Red River and Infamous have taken up most of my Spare time. My gaming has been different lately I have been stuck in a loop trying to get platinum trophies on my PS3 and totally ignoring my 360. This is probably due to the fact that with the PSN outage all I wanted to do was finish any single player games I could get my hands on. I still want to do reviews on a few games and give my opinion on the PSN outage but I currently only have the time to make this quick note.

Work is currently taking up most of my time and as I am getting put on random shifts I don’t have the time to game or blog as much as I would like to.

Last weekend I had a spare day and my mate loaned me Dirt 3 and Call of Juarez The Cartel on the 360. I would love to give an online review but Dirt needs an online pass and I couldn’t get into a MP game on Call Of Juarez.

I Liked Dirt but between races is full of chatter and is very slow in the menus. The racing aspect I think is the same as all the other Dirt games but to put it frank if its not broken don’t fix it.

Call Of Juarez is graphically on par with the first Call of Juarez so four years and nothing has changed. Gameplay is slow and lacks enjoyment. Only played the first few missions and wasn’t feeling the game.


Been very busy

Well i havent been able to post since April as a have been very busy. As the PSN was down and my xbox RROD (again) gaming hasnt been my highest priority. Mainly been spending time with my family and getting ready for our move from a flat to a house. Since the first real time i have been able to relax was yesterday i will be putting up a few quick reviews and my point of view on the psn outage. Will try and get them up in the next few days if my internet is on at my new house.

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PSN Outage

Well the day I got back from Cyprus PSN went down and now the details are flooding in. I thought I would put my opinion out on the situation.

Between the 17 and 19th April 2011 hackers hacked into the PlayStation Network and Qriocity. I think they found out as disbanded Dev accounts had been logged into and flagged up on there internal security system. Once this happened they then turned off the PSN and got in an outside company to asses the damage. The outside company then notice account detail system had been accessed by the Dev accounts. Sony then released this information to its users.

The above is what I think happened after reading through the details we have received plus some speculation.

Now I’m a PSN user and my details might have been compromised but I’m not playing the blame game and pointing my finger at Sony, if anyone is to blame it’s the hackers. Sure security should have been a little stronger and that’s what Sony is now working on.

The timescale for a network rebuild with Millions of users is unknown and that’s why we have not received a date when the PSN will be back up. I’m not over the moon about this but if it makes PSN safer I’m happy.

I will continue to play on PSN once it’s back up and running as it’s a free service and you don’t have to pay £40 a year subscription like on XBL.

As for the details obtained by the hackers is still unknown im not cancelling my credit card or changing my details.

My credit card details have been stolen twice and my bank account once? I’m as safe as I can be online and therefore can only blame the sites/companies I use (eBay, Amazon, Play.Com etc) which have been in the news at some point with account information breaches. I still use these companies as most credit card and banks have theft protection. If you see suspicious activities on any of your accounts you have 60 days to report it and they normally issue new cards and refund stolen monies.


Been away

Well since KZ3 was released I was trying for my platinums on my fav games and got some. Then I got Operation flashpoint: Dragon Rising to try and get used to it before Red River. Then early April I went away to Cyprus for a mates wedding. Just got back a few days ago and in the post was two new games Socom and Red River but as most will know PSN was hacked and has been down 😦 well will post again in a few days with Socom and Red River reviews (Offline).