H1z1 King Of The Nil 

So after being away from H1z1 Just Survive for a good part of last year I decided to give KOTK a go. It seemed popular on twitch and its videos were recommended to me a lot on YouTube. I joined a solo game in early December and as a total noob,  forgetting most of the keys I came in at around 130th of 200 which wasn’t too bad considering I haven’t played KOTK before. After several games I can see why this game induces rage among the majority of streamers. I shot people from point blank with a shotgun or unleashed a full mag from an Assault Rifle or AK only to be one shot from thin air or a 1080 inverted backflip. 

It seemed absolutely pants but I am not one to cave in at the first hurdle so continued playing, after joining a buddy for some duo games it soon became apparent that its not just me. My duo partner was also having the same issues, shot through walls was probably the funniest and shooting people in the head with a shotgun lead to nothing. 

Below is just one of my buddy’s clips the person  was wearing a helmet but stood still and got an instant headshot from nothing. 

There was the odd time I would get a lucky shot in but then karma would be waiting for me around the corner. Although I can see there is a small amount of fun in this game the issues I think everyone has outweighs the fun leaving a disgruntled hate towards it. I might come back again but for now I don’t think my keyboard can handle the rage I will release on it when I get shot behind a tree with a bendy bullet. 


Trove – Two More Dragon but no more coins. 


After another set of Invasion events we managed to collect 2000 Piñata Coins along with some addition craft items and goodies. Piñata coins were being dropped by invaders that would drop into the world every several minutes and attack any players in or around the area. These guys dropped normal Loot but also coins and breakable piñatas which would drop either more coins, confetti or a rare item. We played for a few days and had enough to buy the Dormant World spring dragon egg which I then used to craft the piñata dragon Tysorion, Steward of New Beginnings (legendary). This cost an additional 300 dragon coins,  500 primordial flames and 25000 flux but was the easiest dragon I have gotten so far. After unlocking him I decided to buy as many bone dragon souls as possible and unlocked Khadavros, the Waiting Oblivion (Legendary) along with several Neon Dragon Souls to unlock the Neon Dragon (Adult). This has used the majority of my dragon coins and with the new way of getting dragon coins I have been unable to collect as many as I would usually. We are continuing to grind our way through the mastery table. I can’t see me gaining many dragon coins during the week so will have to try and farm then when I can on the weekends and attempt to craft more Neon Dragon Souls to get Lambent the Neolord (Legendary).


Trove – The Dragon Pack

After several weeks of playing we became bogged down with collecting Dragon Coins from  hourly events. You receive anything from 5-25 per hour depending on how fast and what level dungeon you do. We usually only received 5 per hour as our power level was so low and we only did low level dungeons. After weeks of farming resources it soon became apparent we were in for the long haul and a Dragon wasn’t something we would be getting anytime soon.

You craft dragon souls at the hub or on a Dragon crucible at your Club house. You need 100 for a legendary dragon, but get lower level dragons from less souls.

  • 10 souls unlocks Fledgling
  • 50 souls unlocks The Dragon
  • 100 souls unlocks The Legendary Dragon

We worked at unlocking the Fledglings for each first but we changed to farming for only one Legendary at a time.

In October Trion released the Dragon Hoard Pack which unlocked a legendary Dragon upon purchase. It also came with enough Dragon Coins and Greater Dragon Caches to unlock another Dragon.

The Dragon Hoard Pack Contains

  • Inora, Flame of Enlightenment – A full legendary dragon of tremendous grace and unwavering power. Unlocking this mythical beast will grant all your classes a series of permanent boosts:
  • 10% Maximum Health
  • 3% Attack Speed
  • +500 Physical Damage
  • +50 Magic Find
  • 333 Dragon Coins to speed up the unlocking of another dragon.
  • 33 Greater Dragon Caches that may contain Dragon Coins, Dragon Souls that can be used or traded, or a variety of rare Dragon Eggs.
  • 3 Diamond Dragonite Pouches that will help you progress toward unlocking your very own Diamond Dragon Egg used in crafting Primordial Dragons!

So after purchasing it we managed to unlock Two additional dragons along with around an extra 650 dragon coins. This will help us on our way to unlocking more dragons.


Trove – Supporting the F2P

So after buying my son the Trove essential pack I thought that would be it for me spending anything on Trove for the time being. Unfortunately this is never how it works,  a few weeks later I went on to buy the collectors pack and the weekend after that 3250 Credit (£31 for both).  I’ll start by saying you don’t need the collectors pack but I liked a few things in it and it got our mastery rank up so for us it was a speed boost. The credit was essential really, we found ourselves running out of inventory space and running back to the cornerstone every once in a while which wasted time we both didn’t have. As a free to play game you can get inventory expander from your free daily chest but we needed the space there and then. 
As a free game that keeps my son happy and something for him to enjoy I can’t really complain about spending cash on it now and again. I feel I’m supporting the development of the game which is expanding weekly with constant new content and events. 

The issue with the events are you find people afk farming more which makes the game laggy so takes away from the people running dungeons and grinding. 


Trove – The Grind Is Real


So two months ago my son finally became sick of Minecraft and Roblox. Searching for another free to play child friendly game lead me directly to Trove.
Not sure what the game was like I jumped on to make sure it was 5yo friendly and to make sure chat wasnt filled with bad language. Luckily the chat was fine (censored) and the violence isnt too much. Unfortunately I started a class thinking you could just chop and change to any class freely but unfortunately this is not the case.  You only get one class and as Trove is F2P you need to pay to unlock new classes. You can use a referral code and you will get a free class coin (under Mastery Rank 20). You also get one for Mastery rank 3 & 25 so you can get 4 classes for free but would need to buy any more you want.

Only a few days in and my son was enjoying the game and so I started to do what I do on all the games he plays,  I would grind for an hour a night to make sure he had what he needed to do what he wanted freely with the hour a day I let him play. This was going very well and so I bought the Essential Pack which comes with a lot 

  • 10 Class Coins
  • Fire Wings
  • Trovian Supercycle mount
  • S.S. Trovian ship
  • 10x Mount Unlocker
  • Dragon Coin Tome
  • Jade Clover Tome
  • 20,000 Cubits
  • 15 Days of Patron
  • Trove Topper
  • 100 Bombs

    it cost £15 so was a bargain for what you get and supports the game as its F2P. With that pack we managed to unlock 14 characters in total which I think left us with 1 which still needs unlock. 
    While grinding I pursueded a few online friends to join me but that was short lived as the game isn’t really appealing to them.

    The grind has now become more around aiming for certain things I like rather then things my son needs. I have now gathered enough essential resources to start aiming for legendary mounts (Dragons) and upgrading to stellar weapons. My son is happy to unbox the free drops from mobs and having fun smashing the land. 


    Payday 2 – Still A Hit Or Now A Miss


    With the constant updates to Payday 2 there isn’t much the game doesn’t have to offer with the randomly generated missions and a good selection of difficulty it can cater for players of all skill levels. I have been away from the game for a few months now but came back with the additions of the safes and drills. I was disappointed that they added another cost to the game although it is up to the individual whether or not to buy drills to open the skin safes. The only positive is you can actually get drills as drops so don’t actually need to spend cash. The main issue I have is you buy the Base game without any dlc and there isn’t much game you add all the DLC which adds to the cost and you have a awesome game. Adding skins is something they do in free to play games like LoL, DOTA and Dirty Bomb to generate revenue.


    Payday 2 – OMG Tabula Rasa


    After playing for a few days and getting a little bored me and Chuck decided to try for a few achievements. Jokingly Chuck starts a Hoxton Breakout and we brought the required guns for Tabula Rasa.


    We thought hey let’s see how hard this is, well it was probably the hardest job we have ever done on Payday 2. Numerous tries got us that little bit closer each time, making each try seen that little bit easier. It was just me Chuck and our two bullet sponge AI. Getting up to day 2 seemed to be the hardest part, pushing the car as far forward as possible and as fast as possible was the best way the further forward the car got the less AI spawned behind meaning it was just a hard crawl the the underground car park. We had to take it in turns at collecting ammo so that we both had a chance at fighting. Numerous times we both got downed and either had to try and get the other up or hope the AI did. Once inside the underground car park we had to search for the computer to hack and lower the bollards, simple and straightforward as we both had each others back. Day 2 was still tough but I felt it was less difficult then Day 1, we used the Security Card glitch which meant twice as many cards and opened the armoury and infirmary first. It was only difficult due to the running between objectives but we totally locked down the main room so only had to watch the balconies.

    Now we did get the achievement but the last 15 minutes was a nail biter. I was down to my last down and Chuck was just put put in jail. We had made it all the way up to the last hack it was looking like another failed attempt. Hoxton had just finished the hack and I jumped into the last room to recover the server. The final assault had started and I was stuck, with nowhere to go I stuck to the back of the room and hoped the assault would end. Unfortunately it was the final and everlasting assault, I waited until there was a small break and made my way to you getaway vehicle. On my way I was tagged and down to 1 hit, I dropped the server and waited for my shield to recover. With two sniper waiting with aim at my exit Hall I had to make a mad dash to the infirmary. Barely making it to the infirmary I recovered my health, popped my head out and took out the snipers. I then had to creep back to the server and try and make my way to the exit door. Rushing down I made it to the final door and  setup the drill leaving the AI to take all the damage while I hid in a corner. I had almost no ammo and a 2 minute wait, trying to keep the AI covered and give as much damage as possible once the door was open I finally made it to the escape vehicle and we both got the achievement.