Rust – The New Evil


So I haven’t been on Rust for a few days and decided to go on and finish my Base upgrade. Unfortunately someone else had a better idea. They broke into my Base authorised themselves and filled every inch with stone half blocks, meaning the Base should have been useless. Fortunately I came on at the right time and receive enough help to fix the bottom floor of my Base meaning I could finally live in it again. Next job is too rescue the second floor and the third and then start the upgrade process. I would say it’s enjoyable but 3 hours just to clear the ground floor isn’t a survival experience. This game is becoming what DayZ turned into, a survival game turned into a Kill on site mess whith hackers doing as they please. You still see the VAC ban warnings popping up but you know hackers are still around.

The new evil is the Base block technique, which means bases are raided just to break and authorised so they can build around it meaning they gain the majority hold on the map area.