Call Of Duty – Is it Still S#&T


I have a small passion for all the CoD games, although most of them are very repetitive they are still better then most new FPS games that come too the market. Last night a friend called to see what I was doing, we decided to jumped on Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare. About 4 games in and we were getting absolutely wrecked by the other team. I was literally shooting full magazines into people’s backs and they just spun around and killed me instantly. I thought most of the guns and there mods didn’t make that much of a difference in AW. I can only assume I am wrong, after a couple of hours my mate went out so I jumped on the Campaign. One thing that instantly caught my eye the ability to start on the hardest difficulty, this isn’t so in many games, you have to complete it first before the game unlocks the harder mode. Anyway I was expecting it to be extremely hard on Veteran and although it was a little difficult I still managed to run through a few missions. The story (as far as I got) seemed to keep on track and was enjoyable (well as enjoyable as death and destruction can be) I’ll definitely continue where I left of next time I’m on my PS4.

After I finished I noticed Exo Zombies on the menu so went to jump in, unfortunately it required DLC, this shouldn’t be an option if you don’t have the DLC IMO. You can literally get almost loaded into the game before it decides to inform you DLC is required. The last few CoD games I never actually started the Campaign, after playing this campaign I’m considering jumping back to Ghosts or Black Ops 2 to see what there campaigns are like. Although I prefer the Likes Of Battlefield over CoD, with the exception of Hardlines which should have been DLC like Battlefield Vietnam. I still refer to them as being shit and AW is no different from the rest but it does try something new with the Exo Suits so it’s less shit then it’s counterparts.