E3 2015 – My Break down [Bethesda]




I was going to write this after I had watched all of the Conferences, but I have little time with work being a problem currently. I decided to write what I can when I can.


The first game they showed was the New Doom a complete overhaul of the game that started my love for the the FPS genre. It’s reinvented the good old gib and I love it, they have added finishing moves which is indicated by a external glow around a enemy you have damaged. The great thing about it is the finishing move is its dependant on where you are looking, you aim at the feet and you can swipe the legs or blow the legs off, aim at the head and you snap the enemies neck or blow it off. The violence in this game is truly on a level of its own. When changing the guns the game goes into slow motion as you select the weapon you want from the selection wheel and they have added the good old chainsaw and at the end of the video you see the good old BFG come into play. The solo video starts off in a Mars UAC facility which was infested with the daemons from hell. Most of them are all from the original game but they look so bad ass.

Multi player looks fun its like the original unreal tournament style of multiplayer with power ups, unlocks, weapons etc being placed throughout the map and by the look of the video one of the power ups lets you play as the enemies too.

The best thing about New Doom is the Snapmap which is multi platform so you make a map on the PS4 and it can be played on PC or XB1. It’s as simple as the name you snap a map together can choose the mode which can literally be anything you want. You place objects and items through out its a map builder at your fingertips.

The second game they showed was from a new studio, unfortunately it just didn’t appeal to me it was called Battlecry from Battlecry Studios and uses the Cry-engine. It looked a lot like Team fortress style team based combat game. The characters are a mix of modern day yet historic so samurai with steam punkesk weapons with a mass if classes like a Brawler, Enforcer, Infiltrator, Ranger and Gadgeteer all with there own abilities and fighting style.

The next game they showed is from a series I like, Dishonored 2,¬†this time around you can choose from either a Heroine or Hero each with there own unique talents, weapons and abilities. You have arcane powers inculding a grappling hook to help you get around. Its set in the same locations as the original the Empire Of Isles in a steam punk era. You can play the whole game in stealth or 100% combat the style you play is up to you. There was no gameplay but going off the trailer any fan of the original will love the sequel. They also have the Dishonored Definitive Edition for those who didn’t play the original or just want to try it in next gen, it come with all the DLC which was released.

Next was a short breif on The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited, it was released before E3 around the 10th of June. It basically showed New DLC will be coming through 2015. As a game ESO was not for me, I hate subscription games¬†you bought the base game and then paid to play the game and if you could only get online once a week it was 4 few hour sessions for a ¬£15 fee a month. Now the game has¬†removed monthly¬†fees it has been added to my shopping cart a few times but I just don’t think I will have the time to play it.

There has been an influx in Strategy card games lately, it seems with the runaway success of Hearthstone everyone is trying there hand at it.There was even one put into Witcher 3 called gwent and jokingly players are saying witcher 3 was added to gwent as its was that enjoyable. Bethesda have there own in the making called Elder Scrolls Legends, it  will be free to play and on PC and iOS but there was no real information given just a trailer.

Finally the game we have all been waiting for Fallout 4, they started of straight into character creation and with the unique sculpting you choose what your player looks like along with sex and race. Its starts off in Boston before the nuke you see all the classics from Fallout 3 Nuka Cola, Sugar Bombs etc with Vault tec going door to door and this is the point you select your attributes for your character. After the nuke you submerge the soul survivor of vault 111 and enter the Boston ruins. You even have your Codsworth robot, there is dynamic dialogue through the game and V.A.C as in Fallout 3, the graphics for this game and the lighting is amazing they but the effort in to make each button, light on in game console/terminals blink to its own unique pattern. You get a dog which is command able with everything from fetch to attack. This time the game has gone total survival with base building, this is one thing I thought would have been amazing in Fallout 3. There is finally a use for all the trash items you collect as you play, they are used in both building and in crafting. There is hundreds of craftable mods for weapons and your power suit. You defend your settlements¬†with turrets and travellers who come to trade there against raid parties coming they have literally thought of everything. There is also little extras like PiP boy games and the interactivity with the PiP Boy isn’t as ominous as the previous with the players hands being animated for that extra detail.

As if Fallout 4 wasn’t the icing on the cake they then brought out Fallout Shelter a mobile game which makes you the overseer of your unique vault. You build rooms gain people from the outside and send people off to explorer. Its¬†in the style of the base building from Xcom and looks like it could be a winner its F2P but there is a microtransaaction but it wont effect the game you buy lunch boxes with mods and drops in but its is totally optional. It was released in the day of the conference but is currently only available on iOS but will be coming to android in the future.

From the Conference I am even more excited for Fallout 4 also Doom and Dishonored 2 are now on my radar too. I think Bethesda have hit a homerun with there first E3 show. Lets hope next time has as much as this one.


E3 My Personal Breakdown

With the end of E3 I wanted to do my breakdown of what¬†I¬†thought of the show, now before I start I want to say I have no love for¬†Nintendo¬†and so I¬†didn’t¬†even watch there conference and from internet chitter chatter I¬†haven’t¬†missed anything. The highlight of E3 in my view has to be Ubisoft, there a game developer and so they showed games¬†whereas Sony and Microsoft did there best to show of Software updates rather then games. I’m a multi platform gamer so i¬†don’t¬†see myself as¬†biased, but out of the Sony and Microsoft, Microsoft had the best looking show but i was¬†underwhelmed with the games they had to offer. The Sony conference looked muddled and i was overwhelmed by images although there games did appeal to me. Not only that but as a PS+ member they gave us 10 games for free and in the EU every 4 weeks three games will be added and trhee removed. There was a total of 50+ gb of games for free games and the value of the games was over ¬£300. I have been a XBox Live gamer since the original xbox and i¬†haven’t¬†seen anything for free and that been for ¬£40 a year ūüė¶

Now for the games ūüôā I’m only going to talk about games that stood out for me and ones that¬†disappointed.

From the Ubisoft conference they had two games that I had heard of and one that took me by total surprise, that said they also had other games in other conferences. We have all heard of Far Cry 3 and Assassins Creed 3 but they showed more action for both and new and improved weapons for Assassins Creed 3 the likes of the Bow and the new and improved hidden blade. The game although to me just the same as the others is looking great and I have placed my pre order. Far Cry 3 has been on my watch list for some time now and they showed off more action from the game and also the 4 player Co Op mode and I can tell you this appeals to me in a big way.

The Cherry on the cake was Watch Dogs, omg this game is totally original and has a totally original story line and I can say I have never heard of anything like it before, and although it looked action orientated you also have challenging decisions to make. This has now been pre ordered and i cant wait to see more footage and videos of this game over the next few months.

Now the Microsoft conference although it looked good the game line up¬†wasn’t¬†to appealing to me, they did however show off Smart Glass and IE for Xbox, these must appeal to any 360 owner adding another level to the entertainment package. What did¬†disappoint¬†me is the amount of time they spent on the entertainment and the Kinect controls, I think the Kinect is a great idea but i have no intention of ever getting it and i honestly thought the likes of TV channels and movies was already available, adding channels is great but not ground breaking.

The games that did stand out were Splintercell: Black List, Tomb Raider and Forza Horizon.

Splintercell: Black List is the next in the Splintercell series, and this one seems to have increased the action its still stealthy but you kick more ass at least¬†that’s¬†what I got from what I saw from the conference¬†game play¬†I have pre ordered and this is in my to watch list.

Tomb Raider¬†I¬†had heard of before the show but it was good to see the game in action and although they seem to have cut her cup size they¬†didn’t¬†cut down on the action i was very impressed graphically and with the actual game play.

Forza is the best racing game available on the Xbox, Forza Horizon brings the Forza graphics to an open world, like Burnout Paradise and TDU. I’m glad to see more open world racers after the¬†disappointment¬†that was TDU 2. EA are also releasing Need For Speed Most Wanted (Yes this¬†title has been used before) which is open world and is one to watch.

Halo and Gears of war are big with Xbox players but I think they have been milking it for far too long now. Not on my to play list and I dont think I will even play them.

Fable¬†Journey¬†looked great but as i have said above¬†I¬†have no intention of ever getting Kinect, I’m getting the feeling Microsoft spent most of the conference displaying the Kinect and trying to sell more units.

They also showed Black Ops 2 which¬†I’m¬†in two minds over, Call of Duty never advances graphically and the likes of Battlefield in my opinion is a better game.

EA’s conference was as expected, a great show with some nice games. A few new and some which have been on my radar for some time now. They were very sport orientated as usual and if your a sport fan you know your in good hands with EA. I’m not a sports fan but if¬†I¬†was going to get a sport game EA is the way forward.

On the first day of E3 we all knew about Battlefield 3 Premium with its ¬£40 price tag but not what you were going to get for your money, well¬†I¬†wasn’t¬†disappointed and will be getting this once pay day arrives. 4 map packs (I don’t count B2K had it forever) and loads of extra guns and extras, they are also updating battlelog will find out what its like once¬†I¬†get it.

Dead Space 3 and its new Co Op feature was a great watch and looking at the gameplay looks like its going to appeal to old fans and new great to see more Co Op coming to games team work is great in games Co Op is the way forward.

I had¬†already¬†seen a video for the new Sim City,¬†I¬†think its the best yet, its more graphically advanced and still keeping with the original game play. They also showed off Sim City¬†Social for Facebook and in my eyes was an attack on Farm Ville lets see how it pans out¬†I¬†hope it does well to stop the pain in¬†everyone’s¬†ass Zynga.

Medal of Honor Warfighter has been seen before and they showed some gameplay footage, I was a little disappointed, Medal of Honor from last year had great GFX  this one looked like it had gone back a little but only time will tell.

EA¬†announced they had joined forces with UFC to add there touch to the UFC and if the video is anything to go off it wont be disappointing . I’m not a sport fan but¬†I¬†might get this for the fact¬†I¬†like to watch UFC now and again.

Need For Speed Most Wanted its like Burnout Paradise just better looking with actual cars, totally open world and you race to compete against your friends to become the most wanted illegal street racer. Cant wait to get my hands on another open world racer. They should set the standard, Burnout Paradise is still an all time favourite of mine.

They also showed Fifa, NBA and Madden these games never change in my eyes if your a sports fan buy them if not you wont be missing anything. I’m an original Starwars fan so I’m¬†disappointed¬†by¬†anything¬†that is released to do with StarWars just makes me wish they had of left the three original films alone. So SWTOR is a no go for me.

I can’t say much about Crysis 3 I liked the first, didn’t care about the second, and the third doesn’t appeal to me either. Its not a franchise I have had much game time with so don’t think I hate it, I just can’t comment on a game I don’t think I will like.

With the PS+ games give away that took most PlayStation gamers by surprise they then showed some of the most graphically advanced games I have ever seen.

Beyond is by the creators of Heavy Rain and is definitely on my watch list, superb graphics but it has left me in two minds as I did play Heavy Rain but after a while I just stopped.

God Of War Ascension is another one for the franchise and like Halo and Gears Of War doesn’t look like anything we haven’t seen before. I will keep my eyes on this one as i have played all God Of War games from the franchise and I have never been disappointed. Its a violent and¬†aggressive game which gives you a challenge and a great story line.

The Last Of Us is the next game from Naughty Dog the creators of Uncharted, it looks amazing and brings everything you want to see from a game about a post apocalyptic¬†landscape, a fight to survive and stay alive with the action and violence to go with it . They have made a gem here, and I think its gonna sell like hot cakes on release. If you have a PlayStation and you haven’t pre ordered this game you need to get checked. This is a must have game.

PlayStation All Star Battle Royal has it all cross play and cross platform (PS3 & Vita) what you do on your PS3 will be on your PS Vita, this need to be¬†implemented¬†into more games. To put it lightly this is PlayStations version of Smash Bros and it looks just as good. I have pre ordered the PS3 version and think this is gonna be a great seller, will be good to see more video’s in the future.

I don’t have PS Move and like Kinect I have no intention of buying it. They showed wonderbook which looks like there bringing more AR to the PS3 only the Future will tell if this is going to be a good selling point.

They showed PlayStation Suite again which has now changed its name to PlayStation Mobile, they have partnered up with HTC but didn’t really show much on the subject so keeping my eyes peeled for more info.

The PlayStation Vita will now be getting released in Crystal White (Not sure Worldwide), they talked about the YouTube app and a few new games coming to the Vita but not much footage. They did have a load of games at the show, and ill be blogging more about them in the Future.

Game of the show – Watch Dogs

Conference winner – Ubisoft

Well hope you enjoyed the read leave me a comment about how my¬†grammar¬†is crap below ūüėČ