Trove – Hitting 5K PR

I have never really tried to over level any of my characters on Trove but when I noticed the weekly mastery rank rewards I started to try and level them all beyond 4k. With the RNG in this game you need as many Empowered Gems as possible so getting as many Empowered Gem Boxes as you can a week is key. I currently use a Gunslinger as my main and my backup is the Neon Ninja. I have Leveled  them into the 4K region but trying to get the shadow items needed to push into Radiant then to Stella is hard. Getting the best stats you need is priority but RNG is never on my side. I have always push hard and then stopped before Radiant  and moved onto the next character. I can happily solo U5 and U6 but that is currently my limit, I can’t see me pushing any item into Radiant or Stella until I have the shadow items needed for each class and moved the items up to Shadow 5. 

I have now mastered all of the ringcraft skills, I will do 20 ring boxes a week and keep trying for the Shadow 5 but I have yet to see one over Shadow 3 drop. Hopefully I will manage to get a Shadow 5 ring with good stats soon.