Trove – Runecrafting

I have farmed dragons and done just about anything I could to get my master rank up. I was starting to think I was stuck, then I noticed runcrafting. Rune crafting can give you all of the building blocks and weapon variants plus some tomes, it is also a good way to get your mastery rank up.  You will need to be in a club or be able to get into U5+ worlds, the reason for this is you need to get into sky worlds. The main materials for runcrafting are found in skyworlds you need to collect Radiant shards and Crystallised Clouds, it’s best to farm in a team and go all in on evey Dark Heart dungeon you can find. You will also find Radiant Giants which drop Radiant shards and can also drop Radiant Caches which give a greater Radiant shard reward but can also drop blank scrolls and the Radiant steed mount. 

I only started this around a week ago and have had to buy  stacks of scrolls so grinding scroll dungeons and Loot collecting the recipes is also required. I am currently on level 3 of Runcrafting and have Maxed out standard, metallic and Glass blocks.


Trove – My Precious!

I was lucky enough to get gifted several shadow rings when I first started playing Trove. After using them and thinking they were all level 5 due to having 5 stars I though I had hit the jackpot. Skip backwards to about 3 weeks ago, I was farming as usual when someone I farm Radiant Shards with asked if I had a spare level 5 shadow ring I said yes and went to the closes trade point. He couldn’t stop laughing as I gave him the ring and he said that’s not a level 5. I was so confused and asked what the stars below the ring were for and he said they should be shadow level but every ring has 5 stars. I asked how you farm rings and from then on started on ringcrafting,  I Maxed it but I have still not seen a level 5 shadow ring.

I currently craft around 25 signet boxes a week which will usually give me 2-3 shadow rings out of them I will get no more then level 2 shadow rings and on only one occasion have I received a level 3 shadow ring. 


Trove – Hitting 5K PR

I have never really tried to over level any of my characters on Trove but when I noticed the weekly mastery rank rewards I started to try and level them all beyond 4k. With the RNG in this game you need as many Empowered Gems as possible so getting as many Empowered Gem Boxes as you can a week is key. I currently use a Gunslinger as my main and my backup is the Neon Ninja. I have Leveled  them into the 4K region but trying to get the shadow items needed to push into Radiant then to Stella is hard. Getting the best stats you need is priority but RNG is never on my side. I have always push hard and then stopped before Radiant  and moved onto the next character. I can happily solo U5 and U6 but that is currently my limit, I can’t see me pushing any item into Radiant or Stella until I have the shadow items needed for each class and moved the items up to Shadow 5. 

I have now mastered all of the ringcraft skills, I will do 20 ring boxes a week and keep trying for the Shadow 5 but I have yet to see one over Shadow 3 drop. Hopefully I will manage to get a Shadow 5 ring with good stats soon.


Warframe – Gotta Collect Them All

Getting back into Warframe was like riding a bike you never really forget. But as you play through the game and start to collect more and more Warframe and Weapons it soon becomes an addiction. I started out with only one frame when I came back to the game 213 days ago, I am currently missing 1 standard Warframe from a planet and around 8 in total. This is good considering some players have never stopped playing and are still missing several. I also only have 3 Prime Warframes to collect (4 but will never get Excalibur Prime so don’t count that one). Collecting the weapons is probably the hardest part as late game most need forma and I play daily and rarely get one a week. 

There is also other materials like Nitain Extract which is an alert dropped which usually comes once every 5 hours. The hardest to collect is Argon Crystals which only stays in your inventory for a short period of time, you will lose one every 24 hours (I think or all in 24h). It used to drop maybe one in a void run but lately I have been doing a 20 minute survival and getting 5+ with this happening I have been doing a void survival run every time I need some. Not sure if it is a glitch but will soon see as DE patch these things often to help with the longevity of the game. 


Warframe – Still as good as it was before. 

So I have been playing Warframe daily for around 200 days and still can’t seem to be bored. People say it’s repetitive and is a constant grind but aren’t all Free2Play games? I have played Warframe since beta and coming back in 2016 was not easy. I remember having several Frames and weapons but upon logging in Selected Excalibur, the Braton MK1 and the Skana which I remember having previously. They were all Rank 0 and the only thing I still had was my Mod’s or at least the majority of them. This didn’t stop me from having fun, I came back as a friend had started playing it and I managed to persuade another to also play again. We played for a week together but the friend who enticed us back decided it was too easy to buy your way through the game rather then grind your way to get your Frame and Weapons. The other that we had enticed was probably having a lot more fun then the two of us as he proceded to advance ahead of is in the few days we did play together. 

Getting through a few mastery ranks and getting my collection of weapons and frames was my main priority at first but I soon started to grind more through the map learning more about how to mod my Warframe and weapons enough to actually defeat the higher level guys and being part of a team rather then playing only for me. 

We have now joined a Clan and I have put as much money into this game as any other triple a title. The main reason for spending real life money was to support the game and also for trading, this game is a grind from the moment you start but collecting Weapons and Warframes is probably as addictive as collecting pokemon on Pokemon Go. 


Trove – Two More Dragon but no more coins. 


After another set of Invasion events we managed to collect 2000 Piñata Coins along with some addition craft items and goodies. Piñata coins were being dropped by invaders that would drop into the world every several minutes and attack any players in or around the area. These guys dropped normal Loot but also coins and breakable piñatas which would drop either more coins, confetti or a rare item. We played for a few days and had enough to buy the Dormant World spring dragon egg which I then used to craft the piñata dragon Tysorion, Steward of New Beginnings (legendary). This cost an additional 300 dragon coins,  500 primordial flames and 25000 flux but was the easiest dragon I have gotten so far. After unlocking him I decided to buy as many bone dragon souls as possible and unlocked Khadavros, the Waiting Oblivion (Legendary) along with several Neon Dragon Souls to unlock the Neon Dragon (Adult). This has used the majority of my dragon coins and with the new way of getting dragon coins I have been unable to collect as many as I would usually. We are continuing to grind our way through the mastery table. I can’t see me gaining many dragon coins during the week so will have to try and farm then when I can on the weekends and attempt to craft more Neon Dragon Souls to get Lambent the Neolord (Legendary).


Trove – The Dragon Pack

After several weeks of playing we became bogged down with collecting Dragon Coins from  hourly events. You receive anything from 5-25 per hour depending on how fast and what level dungeon you do. We usually only received 5 per hour as our power level was so low and we only did low level dungeons. After weeks of farming resources it soon became apparent we were in for the long haul and a Dragon wasn’t something we would be getting anytime soon.

You craft dragon souls at the hub or on a Dragon crucible at your Club house. You need 100 for a legendary dragon, but get lower level dragons from less souls.

  • 10 souls unlocks Fledgling
  • 50 souls unlocks The Dragon
  • 100 souls unlocks The Legendary Dragon

We worked at unlocking the Fledglings for each first but we changed to farming for only one Legendary at a time.

In October Trion released the Dragon Hoard Pack which unlocked a legendary Dragon upon purchase. It also came with enough Dragon Coins and Greater Dragon Caches to unlock another Dragon.

The Dragon Hoard Pack Contains

  • Inora, Flame of Enlightenment – A full legendary dragon of tremendous grace and unwavering power. Unlocking this mythical beast will grant all your classes a series of permanent boosts:
  • 10% Maximum Health
  • 3% Attack Speed
  • +500 Physical Damage
  • +50 Magic Find
  • 333 Dragon Coins to speed up the unlocking of another dragon.
  • 33 Greater Dragon Caches that may contain Dragon Coins, Dragon Souls that can be used or traded, or a variety of rare Dragon Eggs.
  • 3 Diamond Dragonite Pouches that will help you progress toward unlocking your very own Diamond Dragon Egg used in crafting Primordial Dragons!

So after purchasing it we managed to unlock Two additional dragons along with around an extra 650 dragon coins. This will help us on our way to unlocking more dragons.