My PC Build So Far… Erm

Last week I made a phone call to and I was informed they don’t charge for the goods you order until despatch. Great I thought until I looked at my credit card bill after I ordered and realised a charge for £330. Well that was only today so let’s talk about there customer service from the day I ordered. First I get 3 emails one confirming my order, a second confirming the authorisation of my credit card, then a third telling me two items were out of stock the third received several hours after my order. The day after (Saturday) I looked at the site and one of the two items I had been told was out of stock was actually in Stock :-\ I sent a query via there Web page and received a reply saying that only one of the items currently wasn’t in Stock but was due the 15th. Well late on the 15th (17:00) I called as the web page showed there still wasn’t stock and enquired about whether it was in or not, it wasn’t. The guy I spoke to sounded genuine and told me due to the weather there supplier couldn’t make their delivery. But they had been told it would be with them the following day. So as usual I checked again on the 16th and the site still showed there wasn’t any stock. I thought it probably will be in later that day and so I left it at that. I decided later in the day to tweet them about when the stock would be due in see below.


Well I checked all today and still no stock, I only used them as the price was £15 less then anywhere else before the others added there delivery charge. I decided to look at some reviews on the Internet and although the good outweigh the bad I’m now in two minds whether or not to cancel the order and get it from elsewhere. One review said a person had to wait 3 months for a refund of a DOA item. Another said there customer services lied to them constantly and I’m starting to feel I may be getting the same lax customer service as them. I was hoping to get back on Minecraft and start on DayZ this weekend but looks like it’s more like next weekend now 😦

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My New PC Build

With my old laptop (nicknamed craptop) seeing better days and after watching a great video by Jackfrags I decided it was time to leave laptops behind and finally get A full size PC again. Rather then just surfing the web checking emails and the occasional download this time i have decided to tryout some PC gaming.

The spec I went for is:
Intel Pentium Dual Core G860 3.0Ghz (Socket 1155)
1GB XFX Radeon HD 7770
500GB Sea gate HDD
8GB Corsair DDR3 Ram

This is not predominately for gaming so it’s not the best of the best but should do for a part time PC gamer. It’s only cost me around £300 for the base including a mouse and keyboard. The spec is as you will see from Jackfrags video with a couple of minor tweaks just for availability.

This is the start of what could be a long PC gaming career which will mean a lot of upgrading over the next year or two. Mainly the graphics card then the CPU and Ram.

The main games I’m probably gonna be playing are:
Team Fortress 2
Counterstrike: GO
Battlefield Heroes

If your interested in building your own cheap gaming rig check out Jackfrags YouTube video below.