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Since January 2013 I have spent more time gaming on my PC then I have my Consoles. It’s not that I don’t want to play on them but I can’t until my family is asleep. This means gaming on the PC is easier and I can do it once my son is tucked up in bed. Games seem cheaper too on the PC which is a huge bonus, and my friend base has grown a lot over the past few months.

Well what has changed? Not a lot really but after spending £460 on a PS4 and 4 games plus a second controller and the camera I kind of feel I wasn’t playing enough so much so that my console friends thought I had disappeared 😀

Since February I have tried to to split my gaming between the two and to be honest I feel better. I play enough on all of them to warrant them and the guys I play with are cool about the time I spend on each.


Ghost Recon Online F2P (PC)

Ghost Recon Online

To be honest I normally hate Free to play games, after a little time you realise you need to pay to get anywhere. I understand that this is how free to play games make there cash, that said while watching Ubisoft Watch Dogs trailer I saw an advert for Ghost Recon Online. I clicked a few links and downloaded it, being on night shift I left it to it while I slept when I woke I decided to give it a go.

I’m a fan of most Ubisoft Tom Clancy games, GRAW, R6V and lately Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Playing Ghost Recon Online you get the same feel as most of then but essentially it’s free. I had around 6 games and will definitely be playing it again. Although I won’t normally buy anything from free to play games I’m sure I will on this game. The players I was playing against had better rank and guns but as I was using cover well I was holding my own which is unusual for a free to play game. You normally find your opposition with higher ranks to have better gun’s but from the few games I played it wasnt noticable.

Controls are the standard PC fromat with not much to remember.

Ghost REcon online controls

You have the abilty to customise your character and there weaopns (below is an image) which adds a little more to the game this is where the free game stops and the paid game starts in most games but just having a few games every so often will soon add to your RP which is the first type of currency in the game this is rewarded for kills combs, doing rewarded tasks (Winning Team, Most Kills) and leveling up your character. You Have three classes to choose from Assault, Sniper and Specialist. Each have there own unique ability like HEAT which shoots a wave of heat from a backpack that gives damages and disrupts your enemies vision.


Wepon Customisation


Grahically the game isnt far from that of Ghost Recon Future Solider and it plays just like Ubisofts AAA title. The cover system is second to none and the transition times between leaping a wall and ADS are great.

Ghost Recon Online Screenshot


This game has changed my view on F2P but in reality this is one in a market full of Freemiuem rippoffs, this should be tried by any PC gamer. I still dont think F2P is whats best for gaming but it’s getting close to the point where you will soon pay a nominal price for a game and bulk up your purchase with microtransactions.


My First Night In Chernarus


I’m a console gamer, the best military game for realism I have played is the Operation Flashpoint series. During my time playing I was often told Arma 2 was its bigger better brother, Last week (22nd Jan) I finally built my cheap gaming rig. After doing the plethora of updates for Windows 7 (god damn you Microsoft) I had a chance to test it. On Saturday I downloaded a few free to play games from Steam along with Minecraft. I was pleasantly surprised at the speed and quality of the gaming on a machine that cost around £300.

Come Sunday and after watching a dozen more YouTube videos about Arma2 I bit the bullet and bought it from Steam for £25. I wish I had of bought it over Christmas when it was only £15 but that here nor there now.

As it was my first time on Arma 2 I did the basic training, if you’re going to play Dayz or just Arma 2 I would recommend jumping into the basic training first to get a feel for the game. The basic training will show you all the keys you will need to know. What I didn’t see in the basic training were a few basic keys to keep you alive in Dayz.

Commonly used keys
G = Gear/Inventory
Numpad Enter = 3rd person view
V = Vault over obstacles
F = fire mode/throwable objects

Keys I had to look up later into my first/second Dayz game
K = Compass
M = Map
N = Night Vision
Right Ctrl+M = GPS


I spawned just outside Komarovo which is a small town that contains a few Residential and industrial buildings. As it was my first time playing I basically picked up everything I could see engine parts windscreen car wheels you name it I picked it 😀

I spent the first 20 minutes looking for weapon thankfully I found a Hatchet in an industrial building. I then spent the next 5 minutes trying to equip it, after the first 4 minutes I had thrown it half a dozen times and decided to right click and remove from tool belt rage quit style. Then I realise I have it in my hands 🙂 after a reload, yes people you have to reload a Hatchet, I was ready to womp some zombies.

I made my way East following road signs to Balota, weighed down by my car parts and no water or food I was exited to finally be playing DayZ although I had no idea what I was really doing. A made it to the airstrip taking down a handful of zombies on the way with my trusty hatchet. It was all a bit too eerie but I pressed on slowly moving from cover to cover trying not to startle any zombies. Across from the airstrip was two hangers and a tall building, I thought they must contain guns or at least a vehicle for me to drive around in. I ran across the airstrip killing a cow on the way then there was a snap a bullet whizzed past me, I took cover behind a burnt out vehicle and press caps lock shouting friendly. Waiting there was nothing but silence. I then typed friendly at the airstrip again there was no reply. I looked around but couldn’t see anyone. Then another shot and I was down. Ending my first life on DayZ.

After a few minutes of messing around in the menu trying to figure out out how to respawn. I spawned just outside of the Balota Airstrip where I had just been killed. I slowly made my way around the far side of the airstrip knowing someone was there. This time I decided only to take things I might actually need to survive, in tche hangers I found a watch, compass, box of matches, soda, tinned food and flares. I made my way into the building in was sure I was shot from this time not talking on the mic or via chat. I used the ladder on the bacnk of the tall  building and inside I found a Hatchet, Makarov Ammo and bandages. I came back down crept around the back of the hangers and followed the road East with my trusty Hatchet in hand.

I soon came to a small petrol station just outside chernogorsk, I was surrounded by Zombies so I had a look around to see a good way into the city. A train track looked like the best way in, I slowly made my way along the tracks and into a industrial building looking around there was nothing useful. I followed the coastline and entered into the town, crossing a road I came to a small shop. Inside I found more food, water and M1911 ammo, i continued to search and on the loading dock i found my first gun an M1911. Continuing into the town I walked closer and closer towards the fire station. I was in ghost mode, trying not to startle any zombies as well as keeping in cover from any other survivors. Getting to the fire station I walked in looking for another gun. Once in the building in started to walk up the stairs I could hear footsteps and groaning. I made my way back out of the building, at the back of the building was a ladder, I climbed it and could still hear movement. I climbed down a second ladder and could see someone waiting at the top of the stairs I had just came up. I pulled out my M1911 ready to kill, I pressed caps lock and said friendly, there was no reply I moved into a corner and typed in chat friendly, again there was nothing. I had to make a decision this guy had an assault rifle and I had a pistol if he wasn’t friendly I was dead anyway. I shot, I couldn’t stop I just kept shooting, I had hit him but only just the window frame took most of my ammo, I now had a guy hunting me with an assault rifle.

I stayed on the roof cowering in the corner with nothing but a Hatchet for defence. My luck had just got worse the guy I had shot at had a friend. I now had two people hunting me and little to no experience in the game. After about 10 minutes of them running around the building and up and down the stairs they made there way out of the fire station taking everything they could carry. I waited little then climbed down and made my way back in hoping they had left some scraps for me to collect there was nothing.

All of a sudden I heard a shot and a voice shouted friendly, two guys rushed into the fire station, following then was around 20 zombies I made a decision to help them in the hope of becoming a companion of there’s, this wasn’t to be. After we had killed most of the zombies more and more came flooding in from all directions. After a long battle we had finally killed them all and so they continued to say friendly I replied yes but unfortunately this whole time my mic volume was on its lowest setting. I typed yes into chat and started to loot the zombies bodies, I was bleeding I moved and put a bandage on but all of a sudden I was down. They had fooled me, lesson learnt don’t trust anyone in DayZ this was the second life down in just one night.

I spawned just outside Chernogorsk where I was fooled and shot, Making my way west back towards my body to hopefully collect my stuff i got lost. I crept in and out of buildings trying to find the fire station, I heard flies the sound made by a dead body and went into a small hotel/hostel. I searched the cafe on the ground floor finding some food and drink and made my way upstairs, the sound of flies on the dead body getting louder there it was a body with a fresh Czech Backpack so i quickly swapped it for my Coyote Patrol. This guy had it all Toolbox, Watch, Binoculars, Hatchet, Box of matches and a hunting knife. I found probably one of the rarest guns you could find on a dead body a M16A2 M203, I continued to search the upstairs finding ammo useless to me 2Rnd Slugs, 2Rnd Pellets, .45 Revolver round and Lee Enfield mags. Moving into the last room they were there the two guys who fooled me, I opened fire only to find I only had a single shot. I turned and ran getting shot at while running, I made my way to a statue in the middle of town and went prone. It was night time I could hardly see infront of me but could just make out the shadows of a few random zombies along with movement in the windows of the building I had just been in a crawled my way out of Chernogorsk and into Prigorodky searched for a little then made my way to a lighthouse just outside of Elekrozavodsk.

It was 12pm and I had been playing for 3 hours so I decided to quit and start again tomorrow, I enjoyed the server and set it as my favorite. Rejoining on Monday night i started where i had left off freezing cold but with all my nice loot.

If you havent played DayZ its probably one of the most additive game i have played matched only by Minecraft.


PC Build Finished

Ok i cancelled my order with the original company and went with ordered around 3pm Friday 18th January and received Monday 21st January. I decided to put it together on Tuesday 22nd of January and a PC was born an hour later. I had a few issues with the Power button and reset switch cables as they just reached where they had to go. I was on for almost 4 hours just doing all the updates for Windows 7 as my disk was a release version.

Anyway i can say for a low spec PC its great for gaming and for general use just what i wanted. I spent most of Friday and Saturday downloading games and messing around with all my apps from my old PC.

Yesterday i spent the day with my son and the night in Chernarus (DayZ) i will be blogging about it tonight and have it up tomorrow 🙂